Construction Management

Construction Managers oversee the day to day activities of construction projects.  As your construction manager, we can prepare and manage complex calendar schedules, we can forecast costs, we can help you to choose vendors and even General Contractors.  VJA as your construction manager will make even the most complex project move smoothly.

We have represented owners on projects where there are multiple buildings and facilities on the same project.  One General Contractor to build the Pool Building, one to Build the Convention Center, another to build the Retail Center, another to do the parking lots, even another to do the Landscaping.

Oh, and by the way, who will get our project through the city and county approval process, Design Review, Zoning Approvals, Franchise 30%, 60% 90% and final acceptance, and Conditional Use permitting.  We can guide the project through all of these hurdles and keep the Calendar/Schedule/ and Budgets Current so all of the team members know what is next. We will know who needs to be prepared for what and ensure that everyone knows their deadlines.

If it looks complicated, maybe you need a construction manager to help sort it out and keep track of all the moving parts.